Please put your reservations for daycare in at least a week ahead of time.

This will help us with proper staffing for the week. We will not accept walk in’s or dogs without a reservation. You can make your reservation online or give us a call at (518) 762- 7613 or stop in the store.

Dogs on Parachute

Daycare Rates

One Day

$27 per day

Half Day

up to 6 hours

Full Daycare Pack

5 day – $125
10 day – $240
25 day – $600

1/2 Day Care Pack

up to 6 hours
5 day –  $75
10 day  –  $140
25 day  –  $325

Weekly full day

Mon-Fri (same week)

Weekly 1/2 day

(Mon-Fri same week)


Multiple Dogs

(Same Family)

Single Day $23.50 – Single 1/2 day $15

Full Day Packages
5 day – $230
10 day – $440

1/2 Day Packages
5 day – $145
10 day – $260

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Drop off/pick up anytime:
Monday-Friday 6:30 am – Noon
2:00 pm – 6pm


Our Certified Caregivers

We have the best caregivers in the area because your pet deserves the BEST care! All our Caregivers are:

Pet First Aid & CPR Certified
Background Checked

contact us for your FREE pre-visit consultation

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Vaccines & Other

  • DHLPP or equivalent
    Distemper, Hepatitis, Lepto, Flu, Parvo
  • Rabies
    every three years after 2nd shot
  • Bordatella (canine cough)
    yearly or every 6 months
  • Negative Fecal Exam
    every 12 months (must have vet proof)
  • Spay
    certificate/proof (Required 6 months & up)
  • Flea & Tick Medication
  • Heartworm Preventative
  • Parainfluenza
    Recommended not Required
  • Behavior
    all dogs must be people and dog friendly and must not be aggressive

Spay / Neuter

All Large breed Day Camp dogs will be required to be spayed/ neutered when they reach the age of 6 months or as behavior indicates unless we have a doctor’s note stating otherwise.

While Harvey’s accepts dogs that are not spayed, or neutered, certain conditions apply. All Large breed Day Camp dogs will be required to be spayed/ neutered when they reach the age of 6 months or as behavior indicates unless we have a doctor’s note stating otherwise.

In the case of a doctor’s note, dogs will need to be altered by the age of 9 months at the latest. Large dogs that are not altered after the age of 6 months will not be allowed to play on the daycare floor.

This is to prevent accidental pregnancy and to avoid behavioral issues that can be caused by hormones and pheromones of non-fixed dogs. Harvey’s does not accept female dogs that are in heat for either daycare or lodging visits.


We require both hotel and daycare dogs to wear a collar when coming to stay with us.

Your pet needs to come to day camp at least once per month. After 3 months, your pet may be required to have another evaluation done before returning to day camp. This is to ensure a stress-free experience for your pet during their stay with us!

Overall Health

All dogs visiting Harvey’s must be in good health and must also be 10 weeks or older with all age appropriate vaccinations. For the protection of all the dogs staying or playing at Harvey’s, any pet with a communicable condition will not be allowed. Pets that have been ill with a communicable condition within the past 10 days will require a veterinarian’s certification of health prior to being re-admitted to Harvey’s. Medications required during lodging stays will have an additional charge per day.

Flea and Tick Control

Pets must be on an effective flea and tick control program. If fleas are found at check-in or during your pets stay, we will be required to give them an all-natural flea bath at the owners cost.


Harvey’s requires that all dogs that enter the facility by vaccinated against rabies and core diseases. We request vaccination records from your veterinarian for proof of your pet’s current vaccination status for rabies, parvovirus, distemper and Bordetella (canine cough). We highly recommend heartworm preventative, but is not required.

To reduce over-vaccination of pets, Harvey’s will accept Titers in lieu of vaccines. We defer to each pet’s owner/veterinarian team regarding existing immunity status and recommended vaccination protocol for that pet while in our community facility.

If your veterinarian has advised against certain vaccination protocols for your pet, we will not require those vaccinations and will accept your veterinarian’s letter and your release of liability in the event your pet contracts a disease.

Our vaccination policy is designed to protect the health of all dogs in our facility while also supporting growing concerns in the pet community about potential health risks of over-vaccination of pets.

Evaluation Process

Here at Harvey’s, we take the safety of your dog and our staff very seriously. The Evaluation Process is the screening process we use to see if our day camp environment is a good fit for your pet. We accept appointments for Evaluations Monday through Friday. Appointments are required to allow for us to verify up-to-date vaccines prior to your dog’s arrival.

While we all want to think that our dog would love to be playing amongst a group of dogs, the reality is not all dogs can or should be allowed to play in a group situation. Doggie day camp is for dog-friendly and social dogs that have a well-balanced personality. While it is obvious that day camp is not suitable for dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs or humans, there are less obvious situations where day camp is not a good choice.

Day Camp is not a place to begin the socialization process for your dog as a large group of dogs may feel overwhelming to a dog that has had no prior socialization.

Day Camp is not a good fit for dogs that enjoy playing with other dogs, but that escalate into bullying behavior. A dog may behave appropriately with other dogs in certain settings, like the dog park or the beach, but inappropriately in a daycare setting.

Day Camp is not a good fit for dogs that are so shy that they prefer not to play with other dogs. We want all dogs to enjoy their stay, and some dogs simply do not enjoy daycare.

For more information on our Evaluation Process or to make an appointment or contact us today.

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